GBWhatsApp Download 2024: Update Latest Version (Original)

GB WhatsApp Original is a mod version of the well-known messaging app WhatsApp. Created by a separate team, GBWhatsApp has extra features and customization choices that regular whatsapp doesn't have.
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GB WhatsApp 2024 is a special version of WhatsApp with extra features you can’t get in the original app. A lot of people like GB WA better because of these added features. It comes with cool stuff like Auto Reply, Do Not Disturb Mode, messages that can’t be revoked, and fun Emoji Effects. That’s why many users prefer to download the latest version of GBWhatsApp – it’s more fun and versatile.

With GBWhatsApp, you can share a bunch of photos at once (up to 100!) and send videos as big as 200 MB. If you don’t want people to know a message was forwarded, you can turn off that tag in the settings of GPWhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp Download 2024 Update the Latest Version
Table of contents
About GBWhatsApp
Download GB WhatsApp APK 2024 Latest Version
Reasons for Choosing GBWhatsApp Original
Distinguishing WhatsApp GB from WhatsApp
Exploring GBWhatsApp 2024 Features
Download and Install GB WhatsApp Apk on Android
Is GBWhatsApp Safe?
What’s New in the Latest Release?

About GBWhatsApp

WhatsApp, a well-known messaging app used globally, has become very popular worldwide. In this digital age, people want more than just the regular WhatsApp, which has led to the popularity of other apps. One notable option is GBWhatsApp 2024, a better version that has gained a lot of attention for its extra features.

GBWhatsApp stands out by giving users many ways to customize. You can change the look of the app, tweak how the chat box looks, and even pick a different font. The modern and easy-to-use interface of GP WhatsApp makes using it smooth and efficient.

Download GB WhatsApp APK 2024 Latest Version

GB WhatsApp 2024, a version of WhatsApp that’s not official, comes with a bunch of cool features and ways to customize. To get the newest version, just download the APK. This lets you enjoy all the fancy features and design of GPWhatsApp.

You can download GB WhatsApp latest version 10.0 from the link above. There’s a direct link and one from MediaFire. The app works on Android but not on iPhone.

Also: Download FMWhatsApp and YoWhatsApp for android.

Why Choose GBWhatsApp Original?

People like GBWhatsApp apk because it looks and works a lot like regular WhatsApp. But what makes it even better are the extra features, like stealth mode, automatic replies, and the ability to send messages to a bunch of people at once. That’s why many users prefer this app. And it’s easy to get the latest version of GB WhatsApp Original on Android smartphones, which adds to its popularity.

Distinguishing WhatsApp GB from WhatsApp

Sure! Here’s a table comparing WhatsApp and WhatsApp GB 2024 using the info provided:

FeatureWhatsAppWhatsApp GB
Privacy SettingsStandard privacy optionsEnhanced privacy settings, including hidden status seen
Customizable ThemesLimited customizationExtensive customization of themes
Bulk Sender ToolNot availableBulk Sender tool for mass messaging
Do Not Disturb (DND) ModeStandard DND optionsSelective DND mode, disabling internet for uninterrupted usage
Status Seen VisibilityVisible by defaultOption to hide the status seen
App LockAvailable with PIN or fingerprintApp Lock with Pattern, PIN, Password, or Fingerprint

GBWhatsApp 2025 stands out because it gives you lots of cool features, extra privacy choices, ways to customize, and tools like Bulk Sender. If you want a better messaging experience than regular WhatsApp, you might really like GB WA Pro. It’s got a strong focus on privacy and security, offering things like selective Do Not Disturb mode and different App Lock choices. Deciding between regular WhatsApp and downloading the original GBWhatsApp depends on what you like and need.

Exploring GBWhatsApp 2024 Features

GBWhatsApp APK 2024 stands out for its myriad features, setting it apart from the conventional WhatsApp experience. These include the ability to change themes, conceal read receipts, manipulate last seen timestamps, and send unlimited messages simultaneously. Users can even disguise their online status, offering a level of privacy not found in the original app.

Amazing Settings

The settings in the app really stand out because they offer a bunch of ways to make things just how you like them. You can make the app reply to messages automatically, turn on a mode so you’re not bothered, and share way more photos and videos than regular WhatsApp lets you.

Cool GBWhatsApp Features

GBWhatsApp 2023 comes with some really cool features. You can see messages and updates that someone deleted, check who’s online without opening the app, and save other people’s updates right to your phone. Plus, you can tidy up your chats by clearing them and sorting messages, making things more organized. This feature lets you organize your chat history based on certain criteria if you want.

Easy Connection to Social Media

If you want to grow your online presence, GBWhatsApp Pro lets you easily connect with other social media accounts. This means you can share your content across different platforms without having to do the same thing over and over again.

Download Status and Masking

One cool thing about WhatsApp GB 2025 is that you can hide when you’re online. This means you can secretly read messages, look like you’re offline when you’re really online, and even set your status to a past date. Plus, it makes downloading statuses easy with a built-in feature, giving you a smooth and ad-free experience.

GB WhatsApp Anti-Ban

To promote unrestricted use, GBWhatsApp boasts an Anti-Ban feature, eliminating concerns about potential account bans. However, when using it, you must be careful not to violate Meta laws, such as random use, sending unwanted messages, or sharing violating content.

Rich Emojis and Theme Store

Sharing your feelings is easy with GBWhatsApp’s big collection of emojis and stickers. The theme store lets you personalize your app in lots of different ways, giving you endless options.

Original GB WhatsApp apk Features

Download and Set Up GB WhatsApp Apk on Android

If you want to check out the cool stuff in the original GB WhatsApp 2025, just follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your device has enough space.
  2. Check if the original app is already on your device.
  3. Turn on “unknown sources” in your device’s security settings.
  4. Download GBWhatsApp APK from a trusted source.
  5. Find the downloaded file using a file manager.
  6. Install the app and give it the permissions it needs.
  7. Have fun with all the extra features and better security.

Keeping GBWhatsApp Updated: Given that it is not available on the Play Store, users can regularly visit our site to download the latest version. These updates seamlessly overwrite the existing version, eliminating the need to uninstall the previous one.

WhatsApp GB Backup and Restore Chats: Changing devices becomes hassle-free with backup and restore option. Users can effortlessly back up their chats, offering a secure transition to a new device without the fear of losing valuable conversations.

Is GBWhatsApp Safe?

Keeping users safe is really important. Based on what people have said and my own experience, most users have had a safe and problem-free time with GBWhatsApp 2023. While a few users might have some issues like not being able to log in or losing data, these problems can usually be fixed by deleting the old app and getting the new one from a safe place.

Getting GB WhatsApp 2024 from a trustworthy website is crucial to avoid possible security problems. Making sure that the APK you download is just the app itself and doesn’t come with any extra unrelated apps makes installing it safer. It’s a good idea to use websites that follow Google’s rules, don’t collect personal info, and give you a safe version to stop any issues with your data leaking.

What’s New in the Latest Release?

The newest WhatsApp GB update comes with lots of cool features. These include a Do Not Disturb mode, posting voice notes as status, support for over 90 languages, translating chats, better status downloads, end-to-end encryption, and more.

In summary, the GBWhatsApp update 2024 is a great and secure option compared to regular WhatsApp. It gives users a better messaging experience. Check out all its features and open up a whole new way to communicate.


GBWhatsApp gives you a personalized and cool experience that people all around the world love. It’s always getting better with updates and makes sure to keep things safe for you. If you want to keep getting the latest updates, it’s a good idea to save or bookmark the official download page. And if you’re looking for other options, check out JtWhatsApp and FMWhatsApp – they also have lots of great features. Share this info with your friends who might find it helpful!