FMWhatsApp Download APK 2024 Latest Update (Feb) 9.98

FM WhatsApp Apk, an app developed and edited by Fouad. It is one of the first modified applications that took the lead in adding the most important features. FM WP has gone through several stages, as its properties and features have been developed after each update that is issued. It is also considered completely safe and does not pose any danger to the user. The important thing is to download FMWhatsApp update from the official website or from trusted sites.

FM WhatsApp APK Download 2024 Latest Update
Size75 MB
Update Date03 Feb 2024
OSAndroid 5.0+
PriceFree Download
App Info

Welcome to FMWhats.App, the official website specialized in WhatsApp FM (FMWA). You may have searched a lot for the latest version to the application, but some sites have old versions. Therefore, you will not find difficulty with us in updating App, because we solve all the problems related to downloading FMWhatsApp 2024 and we also update the app to the latest version on a daily basis.

Table of contents
What is FM WhatsApp?
Download FMWhatsApp Apk 2024 latest Version
Why Choose FMWhatsApp Over Another Modified App?
FM WhatsApp, One of The Best Alternatives to WhatsApp
Is FMWhatsApp App Safe?
Downloading and Install Update Guide
FMWhatsApp Features
FM WhatsApp Additional Features
How to Use on Computer?

What is FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp App, an upgraded version mod by Fouad Mokdad. It is one of the best modified applications that took the lead in adding the most important features. This app has gone through several stages, as its properties and features have been developed after each update that is issued. It is also considered completely safe and does not pose any danger to the user. We provide download FM WhatsApp 2024, the Original from the official website.

Many users have needs and customization that the original WhatsApp does not provide. So some developers picked up on these needs and added them to this modified version. For example, FMWhatsApp latest version provides the ability to see other people’s messages without the read confirmation sign appearing, and what is interesting is that it only appears if you respond. It is also possible to send large files, customize the appearance, turn off the Internet for the app, combat deletion, and the ability to send a message to a number that is not registered with you. All of the previous features FM WA are not found in the official. There are also more features that we will talk about in detail in the upcoming titles.

Download FMWhatsApp Apk 2024 latest Version (Update Anti-Ban)

Download FMWhatsApp Apk new version 9.98 Anti-Ban for free and enjoy a wide range of options to customize the appearance and privacy of your favorite messaging application. FMWhatsapp update 2024 also provides enhanced features like message editing and channel access. This application is lightweight, secure, and allows scheduling messages without requiring additional programs.

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Why Choose FMWhatsApp Over Another Modified App?

Of course, there are many modified applications, many of which are widely known, but some of them lack continuous updates or do not have direct links for download. So if you want a constantly updated application with a direct download link from the official website, you are in the right place. Download the latest version of FMWhatsApp Apk 2024. Our team constantly provides everything necessary to issue any FM WP Download Update. This application also provides new features that are not found in any other application.

FM WhatsApp, One of The Best Alternatives to WhatsApp

FMWhatsApp enhances the privacy and security of the official app and offers multiple customization options. You can customize your messaging application with a wide variety of themes. The boring green color theme of WhatsApp is a thing of the past! Additionally, it allows you to change the app’s icon and customize the color of different groups.

You’ll also enjoy a higher level of privacy. You get to choose if you want someone to know when your last connection was, or if you received a message or a voice note, or if you are online or not. FM WP Apk offers options to enhance the security of your communications, such as the ability to protect your conversations with a password.

Furthermore, WhatsApp Fouad increases the size limits of the files and videos you can send. It allows you to send broadcast messages to more than 500 people at once and more than 60 images simultaneously. Moreover, it is completely free, so you can download FM WhatsApp update, install it, and use it at no cost.

Is FMWhatsApp App Safe?

Since it is unofficial, it’s not possible to download FMWhatsApp App through the official Google store. However, don’t worry, FMWhatsApp 2023 is a completely safe application and free of viruses. Additionally, the developer assures that there is no risk of being banned by WhatsApp for using an unofficial modification.

Of course, it’s essential to download WhatsApp FM from a secure source, as the app itself may be reliable, but not the source from which you download it. Hence, it’s important to always download applications from trusted websites like ours.

Downloading and Install Update Guide

To download and install the latest version of FM Whats App update 2024 on your Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Make a backup copy of your chats to recover conversations in case of any issues. Note: Uninstalling the official version of WhatsApp is not necessary.
  2. Configure your device to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources: Navigate to Settings => Security => “Unknown sources” and enable the option.
  3. Locate the downloaded app by swiping up and down at the top of the screen and click on it to begin the installation.
  4. Install the FMWhatsApp APK file you downloaded and select the “restore conversations” option to recover your chats. The installation method is similar to that of the standard WhatsApp, where you’ll receive an account verification SMS.

FMWhatsApp Features

We can’t imagine a world without WhatsApp. It’s undoubtedly the app that has revolutionized the way we communicate. We have become accustomed to enjoying free instant messages and calls.

Simultaneously, unofficial modifications of WhatsApp have also appeared, expanding the possibilities of the original version. We have previously mentioned some of the general features of the FMWhatsApp app 2023. But there are important features that we saw expanding their clarification further with the following titles:

Security And Privacy

FM WhatsApp provides amazing privacy and difficult to do without. Certainly, many users want to read messages without the other party knowing that they have read them. It is true that the original app by Meta provided this feature, but you are also unable to know who has read your messages. But with FMWhatsApp app, the situation is different, as it provides the feature of reading confirmation appearing after you respond to the conversation. Therefore, you can know who has read your messages if they are using the official.

Status & Media

There are some features that the original WhatsApp did not provide, which give the user better privacy. For example, if you want to download or copy the status to your friends, you must use auxiliary applications. But with FMWhatsApp 2022, you can download or copy the status without any auxiliary apps. WhatsApp Fouad also gives you the ability to add a status with more than 100 characters instead of 30 characters. You can also send videos in sizes up to 100 MB instead of only 15 MB in Green WhatsApp.

Close FMWhatsApp Chats

FMWhatsApp is always brilliant in adding important features. It is the first application to add the ability to lock WhatsApp, as well as the ability to close any conversation with a password or pattern. You are completely safe and no one can see your conversations if your phone falls to anyone.

DND Mode

FM WhatsApp 2 includes a Do Not Disturb mode, which allows the user to turn off notifications for any conversation or for the entire application. You can also stop receiving calls from anyone. This is certainly a great feature, because there are very annoying people who make consecutive and random calls. When you activate this feature, he will not be able to contact you on WhatsApp Messenger.

Performance And Themes

FMWhatsApp 2025 allows the user to change the appearance. The application has hundreds of themes ready for use. You can also download other themes and customize your theme with the colors and shape that suit you. The App also provides the ability to change the font size or type to suit your own mood.

FMWhatsApp App Features

FM WhatsApp Additional Features

Developer Fouad Mods also releases GBWhatsApp and YOWhatsApp. In addition to what was mentioned above, there are additional features of the FM 2 WhatsApp App, which are shared by all versions, the most important of which are as follows:

  1. Messages can be up to 250 characters long.
  2. Ability to hide your activity status and last connection time from specific contacts.
  3. Extra privacy features.
  4. Variety of different emojis to use in your chats.
  5. Ability to use many WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile device.
  6. Option to deactivate the double blue check and the delivered ticks.
  7. Disable WhatsApp notifications.
  8. Share large files with a limit of 50MB.
  9. Customize the application interface with 4,000 themes to modify its design.
  10. Share large videos, up to 100 MB, compared to the original app’s 32 MB limit.
  11. Copy the statuses of other contacts.
  12. Photos maintain their quality when sent.
  13. Individual chat protection through a password, ensuring privacy.

How to Use FMWA on Computer?

First, we would like to point out that, FMWA cannot be used directly on the computer. But you can use it by downloading an Android emulator Bluestacks on your computer. After that, open the emulator, search for FMWhatsApp and install it on your device. Then open the application, activate it with your phone number, and enjoy its wonderful features.

Download Old Version

Some people are still using old versions of FM WP for Android, so the latest updated version does not work with them. Therefore, for those looking to download FM WhatsApp old versions, we have provided them with the following links: 9.829.909.939.95

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